PETROFER. Fleet management that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Sector: Chemistry

Company: Leading provider of industrial lubricants, specialised fluids and process technology solutions. Presence in 50 countries worldwide with over 1100 employees.

Challenges: Optimising processes after a restructure.

Solution: STILL neXXt fleet provides nine apps on its platform that collect and prepare vehicle data and make it available in visualised form.

STILL products: STILL Fleet Management, STILL neXXt fleet

In neXXt fleet, PETROFER Chemie has the ideal tool for a 360-degree overview of its fleet and the associated costs.

In a world where everything is becoming more complex, we need specialists who

can make things more simple again. Specialists like Hildesheim-based PETROFER

Chemie. The company has made a name for itself internationally by developing and producing over 1200 industrial lubricants and specialised fluids as well as individual process technology. The products are highly customised and are used in the most complex production processes in industries all over the world. So, if anyone knowshow to run processes like a well-oiled machine, it’s PETROFER Chemie. 

Nonetheless, the company needed to optimise its processes following a restructure.This particularly applied to the overview of the current industrial truck fleet, the purchase history of individual vehicles, and their current condition. After all – whether it‘s front loaders, scissor lifts or pallet trucks – only maximum transparency can guarantee maximum calculability in purchasing, and thereby simplify procurement and ensure reliable monthly reporting to the management.


Nine apps, all the information

STILL provides the ideal solution for the abovementioned requirements, in the form of neXXt fleet. The platform includes nine different apps for the customer to use. These collect and prepare vehicle data and make it available in a visualised form. These include, among other things, apps for customised cost reporting, industrial truck maintenance, overview of operating times and much more. This is exactly what PETROFER needed – and wanted to test before deciding to buy. “When presenting neXXt fleet, we automatically modelled STILL’s trucks and integrated trucks from other manufacturers in PETROFER’s fleet” explains STILL customer advisor Marvin Koch. “We then gave the buyers a live demonstration of what the individual neXXt fleet apps can do.” The company was then given test access for 30 days, “... during which we provided PETROFER with operational support and were able to demonstrate the persuasive benefits of neXXt fleet in everyday working use.”


Impressive ease of operation

STILL’s first step was to transfer the vehicle data to the platform and set up a dashboard for PETROFER. From this moment on, the purchasing team were able to access all fleet data on the platform and use it independently. The result: PETROFER can now access an overview of all the data it needs on every individual truck with just a few mouse clicks – from operating times to service intervals through to investment history. “With neXXt fleet, we can now monitor the costs of our fleet perfectly and break them down into inspection costs, servicing costs, impact damage, repair damage and many other aspects. This is something our previous ERP system was unable to achieve,” explains Yvonne Wachtendorf from PETROFER’s maintenance department.

“An all-round versatile program that finally gives us the overview we need for our cost-efficient processes.”


The benefits of neXXt fleet for PETROFER

  • Fast access to all fleet and vehicle data
  • Detailed overview of every vehicle
  • Intuitive operation
  • Modular structure with nine apps
  • High level of data security
  • Automatic notifications
  • Flexible subscription model